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It has always been a question that sticks to my mind. Why do we continue to interview candidates for our projects, and never get to ask them

the most important question that actually is the greatest reason why projects fail. Yes Politics, is by far the most obvious reason why projects fail,

amongst a host of other reasons.

But one question that remains unquantifiable as a risk to the project, is the politics which each member of staff might have to deal with. Can this risk be quantified, can it be circumvented, or is it the elephant in the room that we all avoid.

Having worked on many large-scale IT projects the politics plays a huge part, and its high time, we start to hire POLITICIANS!

As with GDPR being a legal requirement for companies, we should also have it that any team member working on an agile project, should be an effective politician!

The attributes of a great agile politician can be found below.

  1. Must have the ability to wear many hats. Meaning you get to work across many job titles, even though your linkedin job description only permits one job title (Yes, slight jab at linkedin for the intuitive UI)

2. Must be a great talker and one that can convince all levels of management, as any politician would. Making technical flaws, errors in scheduling and budget overruns seem like a walk in the park. It really does beg the question, why dont we solve such issues by having three pillars of delivery (Scope, Time and Cost)

Lock the right people in, with the right mindset at the right time for the right delivery reasons.

Make them set objectives, plan ahead, align stakeholders and certainly call out the risks And then assign, review, and create a work breakdown structure with a 3-day timeline to complete Discovery and finally you have your first Delivery enacted.

You’d be shocked how much can be achieved in a compressed period, where work is assigned to team members in little pops. As the name of this article suggests. Little pops of work, help manage expectations! Rather than knowing you will remain in power for the next 4 years as you would in politics.

lets go agile with all work deliverables, and this includes all levels of management, you’d be surprised how much is revealed when its not just the agile team who are to deliver.

Pretty much down to the WHAT, HOW and WHEN – > Product Sponsor, Architect, Programme Lead…#Simple #Agilepops #Agilepolitics

Identifying issues in large IT delivery is never easy; to steer towards success, it is vital to be forward thinking to manage changing realities and consistently align the strategic goals. Adopting a basic agile pop methodology across your organisation is a great start to delivery.

In addition, accurate planning, with clear goals and defined tasks will help contain potential risks and prevent an unnecessary backlog…

Somehow in the third heavens, i believe some organisations actually enjoy the failures, God forbid they dont have anything to discuss at the kitchen whilst making coffee, or the thought of a lack of sniggering team members using the IM early monday morning. If none of these existed, there would be nothing to learn from.

So in the mean time, here’s to your new week, the successes and of course the failures that all make us human. We keep learning, evolving and ultimately we all become better politicians.

In the meantime you can vote me in for power, i represent the LABCONS!

Disclaimer: This message is not endorsed by any political party(ies)

Until next week, #IamGus

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