Winning with old tactics

May 26, 2018 Posted by Motivation 0 thoughts on “Winning with old tactics”

Now that we are all done with the new year messages and goals, and you are probably. slipping on them already. One thing remains constant “you can only go as far as your current circle”

Want to get better at achieving your goals, get around #goalgetters

Want to #looseweight then hang around those who are #healthconscious

Unfortunately Too Many us want great things to happen in 2018 with the same circle of friends you had last year, who got you no where. Wishful thinking never got anyone far in life. Inject your phone book with goal getters, successful people and see how your excuses begin to change to #actions

And if you don’t know any one successful, #networking can simply start by putting your phone down, and taking a day trip to a known destination for the type of friends or network you wish to meet. Get social, change your environment, be positive and that positive energy will draw positivity towards you. #postivekarma and #negativekarma

You can’t win over new territory with old tactics.

Change is the most constant part of life, so get out of your comfort zone, and be agile (constantly changing and evolving for the better, just like scrum) Pardon me for going off on a tangent with my geeky self ?. As a programme manager it’s hard telling the difference between team mates and a medium post ?

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