Journey to Independence

October 1, 2018 Posted by Motivation 0 thoughts on “Journey to Independence”

She heaves with strength, the envy of all her peers, through her journey to independence. She carries her burdens, with grace.

The smell of her rustic mess is the very reason, nations gather
At the sheer joy, she exudes
Making progress, ever so quietly.
Adorned with a grand entrance everytime.
Her children, distinct with their mother tongue even in the crowd of languages.
Her food, OH her food, can bring a crowd.
From the memes, to the competitions.
She always wins.
Her people always win.
Feigned by the prying paparazzi,
This is the very mystery she boasts about.
Whilst working the disadvantage,
The frivolous parties, Demons, sweet boys, slay mama’s.
The daily grinders, Business tycoons, abound nationally and internationally!
Class can’t define her.
Neither can her children.
But she remains our DNA.
Our motherland, Nigeria!

Happy is she, as she celebrates her journey to True Independence!

Gus Olayiwola

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