Where it all started

I am a firm believer in the parable ‘ Charity begins at home’ and this parable always brings to mind a trip i had with my family as a 15 year old to visit to my grandparents. It was getting dark outside when my fathers personal assistant returned from the post office.

I knew my mid-school results would be in the post and I quickly grabbed the first letter addressed to my dad and opened it myself – It had 9 A’s, and a demerit in the language ‘Hausa’.

I was excited by the high grades and literally ran over to my parents at the back of the house

“Dad, Mum – i did it….am off to the Science class – i am a TOP 5 student”

He didn’t seem impressed – he pointed at the accompanying letter and said “My Son, I love you , but your integrity is more important than your success”

The narrative from the school report read “Great student with huge potential…” but, needs to work on his ethics…!!!

Dad continued to say, I’d rather you come home with an average result, but get credit for being the most outstanding student in terms of your behaviour, how you carry yourself and carry my name.
I cannot believe in your success if the ethical foundation is missing.

This I must say was the Turning Point for me – learning from my parents, eating every crumb they left behind at the table and simply re-inventing myself from the failures of the past. Moving on a few years now after my graduation and getting by in life, by getting my hands dirty with the odd jobs out there, i then stumbled my way into Technology and i now find myself working with the most exciting people that you could ever imagine.

I remember, as a Product Owner in the BBC 2012, we had an open budget to deliver the Olympics, Wiimbledon, Euro 2012 and Formula 1 to well over 5 million viewers via TV, iPlayer, and other associated applications – the business case pointed at a seamless delivery, best in User Experience and a content creative that would serve as a platform for Video On Demand going forwards.

I had 6-months to drag two wonderful teams working on different software programmes and approaches across the line.

I spent the first two weeks addressing the “Cone of Uncertainty” across scope, architecture design principles, UX and timelines.

My teams quickly warmed up to my cuddly but stern approach. I gave the business workstreams an open walk-in session to see progress in-real time than waiting for the end of a delivery cycle. The theme “Walk-in and Get wowed”.

I moved on from the BBC and joined the Argos, American Express, Nectar, the Odeon Cinemas, with budgets in excess of 5 million per annum, delivering cutting edge technology to B2B, B2C and B2E’s.

But, it was never always plain sailing as I had to consistently challenge the ideas, the notion, and the varying concepts in each sector. Solution finding and delivering such large portfolios for varying clients ranging from your typical  CIO, CTO’s, CDO, to suppliers from the big “4”. I had to be prolific in producing different and mutable results.


My Team and I help business leaders and high-achievers grow, go for excellence and make an impact.

We exist for those who want to go beyond and strive for better within technology. For those who are willing to learn more, grow more, invest more and certainly go for more. To do what other’s don’t, so they can live the life others won’t. For myself and my team


‘Failure isn’t an option – Integrity is our Success’

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