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Working with a total of 6 companies and counting agile transformation is now common place with most companies. This paired with digital transformation is required to stay ahead for most companies. Working with Odeon to change their delivery culture to agile and implementing stage gates. Also working with Amex for an enterprise rollout across the business function to align with the infosys developement framework.

On the other hand with Aimia it involved groomin the backlog with the offshore, cross functional and digital agency. The open university required me to streamline stage gates to a partly agile framework to deliver their digital capabilities.

With the home retail group, it involved an agile rollout to an in house development project and the external suppliers ‘The App Business’

Last but not the least, whilst working the BBC i had the opportunity of introducing Behaviour Driven Development, and this was merged with JAD (Joint Application Development) principles to assure integrity and completeness in requirements.


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